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RPC1 - Foundation Course

A practical simulation based foundation course for new pilots, and a good refresher for existing pilots. Covering drone construction, basic flying skills, drone systems and flight safety with a practical flight test at the end. This practical course is designed to compliment any theory based courses you may be considering or have already completed for official certification. Having a good balance of both theory and practical experience will make you a safer and more confident pilot.

All of our training modules grow and expand over time to meet the practical needs of active pilots. Once you have purchased this training module you will have continued access to it and be notified of updates as they become available. To get started on the foundation course download the free Rotor Pilot sim and then purchase the training module in the in-sim store.

VR READY: For enhanced skill and situational awareness development

Construction Site Survey

In this scenario your drone takes off from street level to survey a building your client intends to restart work on. Maneuver within a restricted environment to check each level while adjusting your camera angle to maximize the view into the site.

Wind Turbine Inspection

In this scenario you fly in a very large open environment to inspect wind turbine equipment. The greater range and exposed location requires you to maintain situational awareness while monitoring environmental conditions such as windspeed.

Power Line Inspection

Safe commercial drone flying benefits from experience in the many different scenarios you may come across. Practice flying around high voltage pylons and cables in the new Power Line Inspection scenario now included in the standard Rotor Pilot simulator.

Solar Farm Inspection

Solar Farms can present unique challenges due to the significant areas covered with identical panels. Good planning and methodology are required to ensure defective panels can be reliably identified from the inspection output. This may involve the use of thermal imaging to locate the hotspots of damaged or failing cells. Rotor Pilot includes thermal imaging ideal for realistic training or practice on this type of assignment.

Thermal Imaging

Rotor Pilot brings thermal imaging to commercial drone simulation supporting scenarios such as 'Solar Farm Inspection'. Switching from visual to thermal imaging will reveal the panel hot spots caused by damaged or failing cells. The technique used allows thermal gradient images from real world objects to be mapped onto their simulation counterparts creating highly realistic training assignments. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Practice Field Night

Flying at night requires you to understand your drones orientation using only its front and back lights. Your assignment may also require that you have experience with a front facing spotlight. Both of these require additional flying and situational awareness skills to stay safe and avoid potential hazards. Vmach Media has well established lighting techniques in other simulation areas and brings this to commercial drone flying to give you a realistic night time environment in which to practice and develop your night flying skills.

Coast Watch

In this scenario you take off from the beach, fly along the coast and then out over the bay to assess local conditions and watch out for shark threats in the water.


Rotor Pilot global network support allows your drone location and FPV camera feed to be observed by other team members or instructors wherever they are in the world. Practice your flight test with your instructor standing next to you in virtual reality regardless of their real-world location !

Applications include:

- Remote pilot training
- EVLOS spotter training
- Response team training